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Special K or Keebler 4-15 oz. Select Varieties<br>Cookies or Crackers

Special K or Keebler 4-15 oz. Select Varieties
Cookies or Crackers

​​2 liter Select Varieties<br>Fuze,<br>Minute Maid,<br>Fanta & More

​​2 liter Select Varieties
Minute Maid,
Fanta & More

​Monster 16 oz.<br>​Select Varieties<br>Energy Drinks​​

​Monster 16 oz.
​Select Varieties
Energy Drinks​​

Glaceau 700 mL<br>Smart Water or 20 oz.<br>Vitaminwater​

Glaceau 700 mL
Smart Water or 20 oz.


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Our History

In 1914 Xavier Bellon and S.M. Hancock established Cash Meat Market in Roosevelt, Utah.  It was constructed on a corner site on the main street in Roosevelt.  In 1915, F.M. Taylor bought out Mr. Hancock's share and became a partner with Mr. Bellon.  In 1917 Elroy Wilkins bought a share in the business, and one year later Mr. Bellon sold his share to H.L. Allred.  In 1919 Mr. Wilkins, with his son Marrell, bought the two partners out and operated the store.  It was operated as a family-owned store until September, 1963 at which time Percy and Erma Stewart along with Val and Ardith McClellan purchased the store from the Wilkins.

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Gluten Free

Celiac disease, also known as gluten intolerance, is a genetic disorder that affects at least 1 in 133 Americans. So whether you, or someone you know, suffers from Celiac's, you want to be informed. We have great information about gluten, how it affects those with Celiac disease and how to cook gluten free.

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Since 1934, Western Family has had a prominent place at America's tables. Western Family has had a tradition of excellent products and a heritage of healthy solutions for every family. When you purchase Western Family products, you know you're getting great quality at a terrific value.

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